St. John the Baptist School

Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) School System

Principal's Blog: SJB Gives Thanks

Principal’s Blog: SJB Gives Thanks

St. John the Baptist School gives thanks for: Our teachers. St. John the Baptist teachers are the heart of the
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SJB Christmas Program 12/9/21

SJB Christmas Program 12/9/21

The K-8 students are busily preparing for the Christmas concert which is scheduled for Thursday, December 9th. 9:00 AM Performance;
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Founded in 1888, St. John the Baptist School is a Catholic school in Howard where students
grow in relationship with Jesus Christ, pursue high levels of academics, and are surrounded by
a community rooted in Christian values. Our staff is committed to developing the whole child by
nurturing each child’s academic, emotional, spiritual and behavioral development. By partnering
with parents, we aim to individualize student learning in a structured environment where
students grow and succeed.

Mr. Andrew Mulloy, Principal

Student, St. John the Baptist School

Testimonial 4

I like the priest we have. I like the stained-glass windows because they're beautiful. I like learning about stories and the Old Testament and the covenants God made to His people.

Mrs. Maggie Konshak
Teacher, St. John the Baptist School

Testimonial 5

I can help children understand the world around them, handle life changes, while incorporating compassion, empathy and respect by keeping Christ at the center of all we do.

Student, St. John the Baptist School

Testimonial 3

I'm happy I'm here. I really like that it's a Catholic school. And it's really nice that it's a place where I can come and learn and see my friends and feel happy. The teachers are very kind.

Ms. Brianna Kaas
Teacher, St. John the Baptist School

Testimonial 2

When a student has that ‘ah-ha’ lightbulb moment, and things start to click … watching their confidence grow in moments like this, especially after working hard, is a great moment.

Student, St. John the Baptist School

Test Quote 1

My teachers are nice, and I really like them. They teach us a lot of things, and we get to learn from them every day. And the people in my class are nice, and I like that I have friends here.