Site Advisory Council

Family Involvement

Site Advisory Council

The Site Advisory Council is a fun group of parents, teachers, and parish member volunteers who work together to plan fundraisers and school events and give counsel to the school principal. The council’s primary responsibility is to meet site-based fundraising requirements. All matters, activities, and decisions will be aligned with St. John the Baptist School’s mission statement and vision. The Site Advisory Council meets on the third Monday of the month at 6 p.m. in the school commons (door 1).

Questions regarding required service hours can be sent to the SAC fundraising chairs via email.

Meeting Minutes

2023-2024 Academic Year

2022-2023 Academic Year


President – Sarah Baye
Vice President – Valerie Atkinson
Secretary – Jessica Daul
Treasurer – Eric Guzowski
Friendraising – Melissa Ferm
Auction – Tiffany Schroeder
Marketing – Karen Tooley
Hospitality – Katy Reynders and Michelle Ross
* Officers receive 1.5 hours of service for each meeting.

Grade Level Representatives

GLRs send a monthly recap e-mail of the items discussed. Families with questions for the Council who are unable to attend the meetings can also ask their GLR to bring the question on their behalf.

PK3 – Sarah Bal
PK4 – Valerie Atkinson
K – Kate Thomas
1st – Amber Bassindale
2nd – Katie Johnson
3rd – Crystal VanHoof
4th – Nicole Smith
5th – Katie Witthuhn
6th – Melissas Farr
7th – Amy Wright
8th – Jenny Guzowski
* Grade Level Representatives receive 1.5 hours of service for each meeting that they attend AND 1 hour for each recap e-mail sent out. (details provided)

Additional Members

Liaison (Booster Club) – Rana Chrudimsky
Packer Booth– Melissa Farr
* Additional Members receive 1.5 hours of service for each meeting.