GRACE Schools Calendar Raffle


Once again, all 9 GRACE schools have the opportunity to raise money for their schools through the GRACE Calendar Raffle!  Order forms were sent home today. Please review the materials and decide how many calendars your family will purchase and also sell to extended family and friends (your upcoming Thanksgiving gatherings are a perfect opportunity to sell plus these raffle tickets are a great stocking stuffer idea for Christmas)!

  • $20 per raffle ticket
  • $10,000 in prize money!
  • 200 drawings throughout 2022 at $50 each
  • Tickets are entered in every drawing, so win more than once (multiple SJB families won more than once in 2021)!
  • GRACE sends winnings directly to the winner in the mail!
  • You can also view more details and print more order forms by clicking here!

Last year, we earned over $8,000 for SJB!   Let’s see if we can beat it this year! Families who sell 10 or more tickets are entered into a drawing to win one of multiple $100 SCRIP Gift Certificates!

Questions?? Contact Kelly Dougherty at or 920-217-0844.