Principal’s Blog: SJB Gives Thanks

St. John the Baptist School gives thanks for:

Our teachers. St. John the Baptist teachers are the heart of the school. They make significant sacrifices for our children and for our faith. Their dedication is largely responsible for our students’ academic, emotional, and spiritual success.

Our families. We realize there are many schooling options and are thankful that over 200 families have chosen to send their students to St. John the Baptist. It is truly an honor to partner with our families in the education of our children.

Our students. Students are the focus of our school and the reason the school exists. Seeing them learn to read and to love their neighbor is a reward without measure.

Our parish. It is a great honor to partner with our pastoral leadership, our parishioners, and our community. We are humbled to share a common mission to help others know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

Jesus. Jesus Christ is the reason for our school. His love, His cross, His mission, gives everything meaning and purpose. May we always remain focused on Him.