School Safety

School Safety

School Safety at St. John the Baptist School

St. John the Baptist School has strong plans in place to prevent something from occurring and to respond to it should something happen. Here is a brief summary of what is in place at St. John the Baptist School.

Physical Safety

  • *New to 2023-24; Electronic Locks/Fobs have been added to all interior and exterior doors to enhance our security and to allow administrators of both the school and Parish the ability to monitor and control building/classroom use more closely and efficiently.
  • A strong emergency procedure plan is in place and is annually reviewed by the Brown County Sheriff’s Department as well as coordinated with local authorities including the Village of Howard Police Department.
  • Local police have copies of our keys, school maps, safety plans, and live remote access to our security cameras.
  • Cameras cover every hallway and main entry point in the building.
  • Our school staff is trained in the ALICE active shooter response system.
  • In addition to drills required by the state, we hold monthly “if-then” scenario drills with students where we talk through how to respond in different emergency scenarios.
  • Each classroom has an easy-to-use door barricade. Exterior doors have safety film on the glass.
  • All school doors are locked during the school day.
  • GRACE System Safety Team is in place to review practices system-wide.
  • There is an annual review of Safety Plans by the GRACE Board of Trustees every December.
  • Wisconsin law requires teachers to report suspected child abuse and neglect (Wis. Stat. Sec 48.981). Teachers participate in mandatory reporting training regularly.

Social and Emotional Safety

  • All employees and volunteers must undergo a criminal background check.
  • All employees and volunteers must be trained in VIRTUS, a program that identifies best practices programs designed to help prevent wrongdoing and promote “right-doing” within religious organizations. Employees are required to maintain ongoing monthly training.
  • A school counselor is on staff and is available to support students.
  • We teach monthly social lessons to all students using Friendzy, a friendship curriculum.

Anyone with something to report, concerns, or questions is invited to reach out directly to the principal.