Family Involvement


Fundraising Service Hour Requirement

Kindergarten through eighth-grade families have a fundraising service hour requirement of 20 hours per year. Those 20 hours must be spent doing fundraising activities approved by the Site Advisory Council. Please see below for areas where help is needed. In addition, please read the weekly newsletters carefully as we will frequently share updates on where help is needed. Families may also elect to “buy out” their hours.

GRACE Schools Calendar Raffle

The GRACE Schools Calendar Raffle fundraiser features $10,100 in total prize money. Profits support third-source funding, with each school getting credit for calendars sold. Drawings are scheduled every Wednesday and select other days throughout the calendar year. Drawings are held at the GRACE Administrative Office, 1822 Riverside Drive, Green Bay. Raffle winners will be posted on the day of the drawings on the GRACE Facebook page as well as on the GRACE website. Ticketholders are entered into every drawing, so there are multiple chances to win. All winnings are mailed directly to you! Click here for more information and an order form.

Packer Booth and Portable

This year we are planning on an entire season of Packer football to raise money for SJB.  Anyone can work in the Packer Booth and the hours will count toward the SJB required service hours, but working a shift in the Booth is mandatory for all those participating in 5th-8th grade sports at any time during the year.  If your child only participates in spring sports, working a Booth is still required. 

We are looking for volunteers for all games and new stand leads! Stand leads balance the registers, open & close the booth and ‘manage’ the Packer Booth volunteers from SJB on game day.  Please reach out if you would like to pursue this role.
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The chairperson is Michelle Nowak at 920.634.9065 or or

Scrip Sales

Looking for an easy way to earn money towards your tuition? Use our Scrip program to buy gift cards toward things you already purchase every day (such as gas, groceries, restaurant meals, gifts, etc.) and a portion of your purchases will come back to St. John the Baptist School for valuable fundraising. 50% of your Scrip profit will be deducted from your child(ren)’s tuition. We have families who earn hundreds of dollars off their tuition every year! For information about how to shop with Scrip, please click here.

SCRIP purchased between June 2, 2021 and May 31, 2022 will go towards the 2022-2023 school year.

For more information, please contact Lynn McKean at

Magazine Sale

Volunteers are needed to help get materials ready for students, count and record orders, distribute prizes, and work on advertising.

This will take place September 9-24th, 2021.

The chairperson is Melissa Warden at

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education is an important fundraising opportunity. Please review the flyers below to see the CLIP style box tops as well as the new SCAN style box tops:

Box Tops is Changing
4 Ways to Box Tops
Collection Sheet (CLIP Style)

The chairperson is Krista Murphy at

Popcorn Fridays

2-3 volunteers are needed every early dismissal (approximately 8:00 a.m.-11 a.m.) to pop the popcorn, fill popcorn bags, and deliver to the classrooms. VIRTUS training and background checks are required.

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The chairperson is Melissa Farr at

Fall Harvest Festival

Fall Harvest is a great way to get in your service hours while watching your kids have fun. It is a night of games, food, prizes, and so much more – We are in need of many volunteers to run games, set up, and takedown. If this sounds like your kind of fundraiser, we are also in need of a chairperson and committee members. Please email Serena Magnuson or call 920-366-2675 if interested. 

October 15, 2021 4-8:00 PM

Click here to view the event flyer.

Click here for ticket information.

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The chairperson is Serena Magnuson at

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair comes to school twice a year around the time of parent-teacher conferences. Get a head start on your Christmas and Easter shopping, pick up a good book to encourage reading, or purchase a book for your child’s classroom! Volunteers are needed to assist with set up, running the book fair, cashiering, take down, etc. Shifts are flexible and generally span 2-3 hours. VIRTUS training and background checks are required.

Fall Fair: 10/22/2021-10/28/2021
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Spring Fair: 4/29/2022-5/5/2022
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The co-chairpersons are Sarah Baye at and Lizzy Ariens at


Our annual spring auction will take place on Friday, March 4th at the Rock Garden/1951! A wide array of volunteers are needed to help pull off our largest fundraiser of the year! Check back soon for sign-up opportunities!

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The chairpersons are Jenn Warpinski and Nicole Boerboom at

Golf Outing

Golfing at Thornberry creates a great opportunity to gather a foursome of golf buddies to raise money for St. John the Baptist School.

The chairpersons are Ericka and Ryan Krumrie at

School Family Responsibilities

Every year, GRACE establishes a fundraising requirement for our school. Meeting this fundraising requirement allows us to maintain competitive tuition rates. If this requirement is not met, the deficit will be billed to school families. If this requirement is exceeded, the surplus will be dedicated to enhancing the school environment. 

In order to reach this goal, each family with children in grades K-8 is required to meet the “Fundraising Service Hour Requirement,” which is to complete a minimum of 20 Fundraising Service Hours per year. These fundraising activities support the direct needs of the students and the school, either saving or making the school money. Fundraising hours follow the current school calendar and do not carry over from year to year. 

  • The Site Advisory Council determines whether an event is eligible to count toward the “Fundraising Service Hour Requirement.” Events will include fundraisers, service that saves the school money, or approved family events.
  • Each family’s fundraising service hours are valued at $800 ($40 per hour).
  • Each family can elect to buy out any or all of their 20-hour Fundraising Service Hour commitment by filling out the “Fundraising Service Hour Buy Out” form (available here).
  • Near the end of each school year, unfulfilled service hours will be billed to school families at the rate of $40 per hour. This fee must be paid no later than June 30.
  • During an eligible Fundraising Service Hour event, Fundraising Chairpersons are required to review and approve all volunteers’ hours. All volunteers are responsible for signing in and out of their event and verifying the accuracy of the hours. 

The application of this policy is under the discretion of the school administrator.