Principal’s Blog: Invite Him In

St. John the Baptist School exists to provide families a choice in education. A choice that is different, academically rich, and supported by a community. Most importantly, we exist to help children build a personal relationship with Jesus.

Below is an excerpt from a recent homily from Pope Francis, reminding us that Jesus wants to be personally involved with you and your family:

“It might make us more comfortable to have a God who stays in heaven without getting involved, while we can manage matters here on earth. Instead, God became man to enter into the concrete reality of this world… God became man – for me, for you, for all of us – to enter into our lives. And he is interested in every aspect of our life. We can tell him about what we are feeling, our work, our day, our sorrows, our anxieties – many things. We can tell him everything because Jesus wants this intimacy with us. Let us invite him into our home… Jesus will be at the table with us and we will be fed by a greater love.”