2023 Summer Learning Resources


1st Grade

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2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

Middle School


  • Saintly Storytime With Mrs. Kelly: Listen to Mrs. Kelly read some of your favorite books! Beginning June 5th, Mrs. Kelly will be posting videos every week, where she will be reading children’s books with Catholic and SEL themes. This simple and wholesome read-aloud will foster your child’s love of reading and help develop his or her social-emotional skills over the summer. 
  • Social-Emotional Learning Bingo Challenge Board: Over the break, encourage your children to complete all of the tasks on the board, marking off each one as it is completed. 
  • Social-Emotional Learning Family Resources: This includes lists of books and electronic resources that you can use with your children to learn about and practice various social-emotional learning competencies. Enjoying these activities together is a great way to bond with your children while you learn! 
  • Social-Emotional Learning Discussion Questions: These 25 discussion questions each address the different social-emotional learning competencies. These are great questions to ask your child at dinner, in the car, etc. The questions come in list form as well as in card form. To use the cards, cut them out and place them in a small basket, or hole punch them and place them on a book/binder ring. 
  • Family Goal Sheets: Use the goal sheets provided to set goals together as a family and as individuals. These are the perfect way to keep track of what you want to accomplish this summer. On both sheets, there is an area for reflection.

Places to Visit

  • Click here to view a suggested list of places to visit this summer!