Principal’s Blog: Better Together

At SJB, we teach a biblical-based friendship curriculum called Friendzy. This curriculum stretches across our entire school community. In addition to our homeroom teachers sharing lessons, our specialists will lead students through a monthly project and game. This month the theme is better together. The goal of this theme is “to recognize that we are designed for friendship and are better together.”

This theme is an excellent lesson for our students and is likewise a good reminder for us as parents and members of the parish community. By working together, compromising, and acknowledging the common good, we will create a strong and healthy environment for our children to grow. What can you do today to help strengthen our community and be an example of a peacemaker for our children?

Conferences: Our school staff knows that children will grow in virtue and learn best when home and school collaborate. An essential way for us to partner at the end of this month is parent-teacher conferences. A mutual dialog constructively focused on helping each child grow between home and school is essential to help each child develop. This is a visible way where we can mutually live out this commitment to be better together. Conference sign-up is on PowerSchool and directions can be found here. There are options for in-person and virtual sessions.